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Mar 19 2024

What should you look for in a Social Media Manager?

Choosing who to hand off your social media to is not something to be taken lightly. Your business is your baby!  Obviously, you want someone with professional graphic design experience and a discerning eye, who knows how to create beautiful, made-for-you content. But more importantly, they should also be someone you can trust to make […]

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Close-up of a white person's hands typing on a laptop. The laptop sits in their lap. They're wearing black pants, rainbow checkered sneakers, with a smartwatch on their left wrist.
Feb 21 2024

Email as a Marketing Tool

Doing business these past few years has been anything but usual. Over the last few years, we’ve had to adjust our ways of thinking, working, doing, and communicating. But that doesn’t mean we have to start from square one. We can adapt many of the tools already in our toolbox and make them work in […]

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not quite a lead magnet--image of magnets on a whiteboard that spell the word Pixels
Oct 16 2023

Why You Need a Lead Magnet for Email Marketing

A lead magnet is a fantastic way to build your email list, and bring in regular and repeat clients and sales through your email marketing! “But wait, I haven’t done email marketing–I don’t even have a list!” you might be saying. It’s okay. A lead magnet is just what you need to grow your list, […]

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A Gif of Spongebob Squarepants dusting a table that has a spider and cobwebs on it.
Sep 07 2023

How to Bring Your Dated Website Back From the Dead

Has your website become… the undead? A zombie? Is there forgotten content lurking in some distant dark corner, covered in sticky cobwebs?  Welcome to the land of “zombie websites” – websites plagued by outdated, lackluster content that drains the vitality from your business’ online presence. Oh no! Your website serves as the face of your […]

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Two women sit in front of a laptop at a wooden table, discussing details of a creative consultation.
Aug 24 2023

How To Prepare For A Consultation

Meeting with a creative team marks an exciting time for a small business owner. You’re watching your business grow, and it feels like the right time to rebrand or upgrade your website. You may feel so inspired that you’re bursting at the seams with ideas to share. That’s great! Before you jump right into the […]

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Young girl at a night market putting her hand in the hand of a robot
Jul 20 2023

When to use AI for marketing copy

EVERYONE is talking about AI-generated marketing copy as of recent. As with a lot of trends, using AI for marketing copy is something everyone feels they should be getting in on. I get it, too–it’s a tool with a lot of potential, if you know what you’re doing! Some of those changes, however? Mmmmaybe aren’t […]

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A crowd of people signing up for an email list
Jun 06 2023

5 Irresistible Lead Magnets That Will ACTUALLY Power-up Your Email List in 2023

Ready to transform your email list? Let’s explore 5 irresistible lead magnets proven to work wonders. As a leading digital marketing agency in Portland, we share strategies that blend warmth with professionalism, turning potential leads into loyal subscribers. Let’s grow your business together! […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Instagram User Name and Attract Your Ideal Clients
May 10 2023

How to Choose the Perfect Instagram User Name and  Attract Your Ideal Clients

Did you know? Your Instagram user name isn’t just a user name – it’s your online identity, your brand’s persona, and your chance to shine on the platform. If technology feels a little intimidating, fear not! We’re here to help you create an instagram user name that’s memorable, effective, and represents your brand in the […]

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Orange cat sits in front of a laptop on a bed. Caption reads: PRODUCTIVITY If a cat can use a computer, why can't you??
Mar 08 2023

Not Another Productivity Hack

You’ve heard it before. “Create the perfect morning routine!”  “3 Hacks to 10x your productivity!”  “How to force yourself into an unnatural routine to conform to society’s productivity expectations and burn yourself out!” Okay, maybe not that last one. But it seems like that’s what most “productivity hacks” actually do—force you to create some unattainable […]

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