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Category: Websites

A Gif of Spongebob Squarepants dusting a table that has a spider and cobwebs on it.
Sep 07 2023

How to Bring Your Dated Website Back From the Dead

Has your website become… the undead? A zombie? Is there forgotten content lurking in some distant dark corner, covered in sticky cobwebs?  Welcome to the land of “zombie websites” – websites plagued by outdated, lackluster content that drains the vitality from your business’ online presence. Oh no! Your website serves as the face of your […]

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Sticky notes with positive affirmations, one reading "get shit done!"
Jan 19 2023

Is It Really Time to Redesign Your Website?

It’s January! We’re stepping into another year! Renewal! Huge goals! Time for big changes! Time to… redesign your website?! That kind of energy is huge this time of year, in life and in business. We want to make the most of it, so it’s tempting to do ALL THE THINGS… and yet, you probably don’t […]

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Dec 08 2021

How to Set Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics has the potential to be a very helpful tool for you as you evolve your website. You can take a closer look at how many people are visiting, how they’re getting there, even whether or not they convert! …but before you can take advantage of that, you’ll need to actually set up Google […]

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a hand drawing a map of a website navigation structure
Sep 15 2021

Don’t Make Your Website Users Think

Good web design is a must-have if you want your small business to look professional. However, looks aren’t the only thing your website needs to focus on. Good design should also keep website usability in mind. If your visitors have to think too hard about how to find what they want, you’ll easily lose their […]

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bulldog sits in a silver car, perhaps driving traffic to a website
Apr 28 2021

Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Whether you’re brand-spanking new to business or you’re a well-oiled entrepreneurial machine, you likely know that the best way to stake your claim on our wild world wide web is to secure a domain name and build yourself a quality website. This way you’ve carved out a guaranteed space to share who you are and […]

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