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Apr 28 2021

Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Whether you’re brand-spanking new to business or you’re a well-oiled entrepreneurial machine, you likely know that the best way to stake your claim on our wild world wide web is to secure a domain name and build yourself a quality website. This way you’ve carved out a guaranteed space to share who you are and what you offer.

In an ideal world, securing your domain name and establishing your online home would be enough. In this increasingly virtual world, however, you’ve got a fair amount of competition.

Don’t fret, friends: if you’re already on social media, you’ve got an excellent tool at your disposal for driving traffic to your website.

What’s All This About Traffic?

Some useful statistics: there are approximately 3.5 billion daily active social media users. They tend to spend about three hours a day on social media. 54% use social media to make purchasing decisions, and 71% are likely to recommend a brand or business to friends or family after a positive experience.

Those are a lot of numbers to let you know that social media has the potential to drive relevant traffic to your website – if you know how to use it in your favor.

Style Your Profile

We often spend a lot of our time dwelling on the type of content we want to share on our social media channels. That’s a good thing, for sure – we want to position ourselves as experts in our respective fields, and we want to offer folks quality information that supports this notion.

Don’t forget, however: the time you spend priming your profile is just as valuable as the content you share. Whether it’s your Instagram bio or your Facebook About page, your profile gives people relevant information about your business. It’s also the ideal place to include your website link!

When people enjoy and appreciate the content you share, they’re likely to click through to your profile to learn more. Take advantage of that!

Keyword Research Is Your Friend

Here at Upswept, we’re huge proponents of smart search engine optimization (SEO) to help drive traffic to your website. Spend some time getting into the mind of your potential customers and how they might be searching for you online, and you just might discover a veritable treasure trove of high-quality copy for your website.

What’s even more awesome about this? You can use this same keyword research to create social media content! When you know what your customers are talking about, you can find the right way to share your wisdom and contribute to their conversations.

Circling back to using your profiles effectively: consider adding keywords to your profiles and bios. In the same way we use search engines to find businesses, we can also perform the same searches on social media. Including relevant keywords ensures your profile appears in those searches.

Keep It Social

You’re showing up online to promote your business. Your customers, however, are more likely online for the social aspect. They’re there primarily to stay connected with friends and family and enjoy entertaining, engaging content. Make sure the content you share provides the kind of value your ideal customers would enjoy.

Create posts around general topics related to your niche or area of expertise (and connected, of course, to your keyword research!). When folks engage with your posts, make sure to respond in kind. Not only will that engagement create a connection with an individual, it will show others who might land on your feed that you’re invested in your community.

Increased engagement helps boost your presence in the algorithm. Combine that with the positive reputation you’ve built with your followers, and you have a recipe for increased brand awareness – and increased eyes on your website.

Looking to up your website traffic game? Schedule a website consultation with us, or learn more about our Purpose-Powered Website program!