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Apr 01 2021

What The Heck Do I Post? Social Media Content Ideas For Your Business

When you run your own business, you naturally wear many hats. Founder, creator, customer service rep, shipper… the roles can seem endless, especially when you’re first starting out.

One role that’s especially important: marketing. While you may not think of yourself as a marketer, you do know your business better than anyone, which is handy when you’re looking to toot your own virtual horn.

Sorting out what to share about your business on social media poses a unique challenge. You know what makes you the best person for the job, but how do you translate that into something shareable? Let’s answer that question by discussing social media content ideas for your business.

What Do We Mean By “Social Media Content”?

When we talk social media content, we’re talking about the bulk of what you share. This includes the copy you write in captions and headlines, as well as the images you create (photos, videos, graphics, etc.).

Think of this content as the verbal and visual language you use to inform potential customers or clients about your business and its unique offerings.

Who Are You?

If you want to tell folks about your business, always start with the basics: tell folks about yourself!  This is important, because explaining who you are and how you came to do what you do can create connections with potential customers. If they can see themselves in your journey, they may also see themselves working with you or purchasing from you.

Don’t hesitate to go beyond the business aspect, though. These days, folks want to know more about their favorite makers and creators. Let your social media content offer glimpses of the person (or people, if you’ve got a team) behind the scenes. What songs are you rocking out to while you work, for example? How do you unwind after a workday?

Placing your values front and center can also attract like-minded followers, as long as your actions back up your content. 51% of consumers support brands whose values align with theirs (this is especially true for Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who are more likely to shop online). Sharing content that reveals your ethics and your connection to your community can help attract like-minded fans.

Tell ‘Em Why (And Make It Count)

You know you’ve got a stellar product or service. Use your social media to shine a light on that. Make sure your content focuses on the benefits of your offerings, though, and not just its features. You know what makes your offerings great – how is that greatness going to show up in your customers’ experience with you?

If you provide a service, consider educational content that followers can take and use right away. Give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you and the kind of value your services can bring them.

Testimonials from your satisfied customers fall under this umbrella as well. Your current fans are the best advertisement! 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. If you’ve got rave reviews, you’ve already got quality content to share! Plus, user-generated content is a great way to collect content with minimal effort on your part. It’s a win-win situation (as long as you’ve been granted permission to share, of course)! 

Be Yourself, Always

It can feel daunting to jump into the maelstrom that is social media, especially now. If you haven’t established a solid foothold quite yet, you might feel intimidated by others in your field with high follower counts or enthusiastic fan bases.

Keep in mind: there will always be folks further along on this path than you (just like there will be folks starting out after you and even inspired by you), but no one will have the exact same experience and perspective that you offer.

Let yourself be inspired by your peers, but under no circumstance should you copy their content. You might think, “of course!” You’d also be surprised at the number of people unashamed to pilfer high-quality copy, graphics, and products from successful accounts in an effort to skip the challenging part of building an online presence.

If you do stumble upon someone else’s amazing post and feel compelled to share it with your followers, do the original creator a solid and tag them when you repost. Giving folks credit for their hard work is proper online etiquette, and tagging others boosts both their engagement and yours.

It’s okay for your growth to take some time! Your focus should always be on building your skills so your business can progress and thrive. Your social media presence is but one of many parts of building that thriving business. Find a way to tell your story that suits you and fits your schedule. And never hesitate to ask for help – that’s what folks like us are here for!