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Email Marketing

email marketing is the best thing that not enough small businesses are doing.

Not everyone is on Instagram or Facebook, but we'd bet dollars to donuts that everyone in your ideal audience checks their email. It's also a great way to reach your audience no matter how big or small your business is--and the returns make it very worth doing.

Still, you don't have to miss out on the gains, even if the idea of planning, strategizing, and writing so many emails makes your head hurt! Just talk to us about it.

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Or, get a taste of what we can do:

Monthly Email Marketing Content

If you're tired of coming up with topics for your emails, and too busy to write them, it's time to let it go! (feels good already, doesn't it?)

Each month, we'll handle your email marketing from goals to writing to design. We'll dial in your voice, strategy and schedule, craft each month's email content, wrap it all in an on-brand design, and send it to your waiting audience at the most optimal time.

Email Intro Sequence

Wouldn't it be cool if people who were interested in your services received learning to help them learn what you do and be ready to work with you? That's what an intro and nurture sequence is all about.

For your email nurture sequence, we'll set goals and sequence timing, write helpful, compelling content for each email in your sequence, and handle cohesive design and layout of each email. Then, once the sequence is ready, we'll set your sequence to run automatically every time someone subscribes!

Lead Magnet Coaching and Creation

You have an email list waiting for your audience to sign up... but how do you get folks to opt in? That's where a lead magnet can help! Your lead magnet is that extra little quiz, checklist, or download to sweeten the deal and tempt your audience to sign up for your emails.

Here's how our lead magnet process works:

  • we'll start with a coaching call to help you identify your lead magnet concept
  • then, you'll create your first draft of your lead magnet content
  • we'll get on a feedback and coaching call to review your first draft
  • you'll revise your lead magnet content
  • THEN, we'll do final editing/proofing of your content, handle the design and layout of your lead magnet, and then set up the automation on your e-mail platform, so your new perk is delivered whenever someone chooses to opt-in.

Want to get in on the Email Marketing magic?

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