Look awesome on social media, and put eyes on your business.

You know your business needs to be engaged in social media, but, hey! You’re too busy doing awesome work to keep up with Facebook.

A strong social media presence can mean the difference between building a fan base of people who love (and pay for) your work, and watching your business fade into the background.

So you don’t have the capacity and/or expertise to know if all your efforts are working or wasting your time. It’s okay! We here at Upswept Creative can lead you toward a more engaging social media presence that helps you build your business organically.

Our social media management packages are designed to help you get started on the right track, whether you want to hand over the keys to us or build a strategy that you can DIY. No matter what you choose, we’ll bring enticing content and consistency to your social media.

You’ll love the results:

“We have watched our numbers grow exponentially each week. We have exceeded our [registration] goal this year and I know it is due to the continued social media and web page presence. I look forward to the future.”

–Andrea Quicksall, MA, MAC, CADCI, and Portia L. Sipes, LPC, MAC, CADC III, NWIAS Board Members

Every social media package includes a custom consultation with our social media marketing expert, so you can get answers to your questions and bring your unique vision into focus. We’ll recommend which social media platforms to use to attract the right people, and provide a detailed social media plan ready to put into action.

Your needs and skills are one-of-a-kind, so we’ll work together to create a package that fits you.

Time to make your social media shine!

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