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Mar 19 2024

What should you look for in a Social Media Manager?

Choosing who to hand off your social media to is not something to be taken lightly. Your business is your baby! 

Obviously, you want someone with professional graphic design experience and a discerning eye, who knows how to create beautiful, made-for-you content. But more importantly, they should also be someone you can trust to make smart decisions for your business, and put your business first.

Those are just the basics of what makes a good Social Media Manager. But if we dig a little deeper, what else should you look for to find your perfect match?

Look for the expertise you don’t have time to learn.

You’re a busy business owner! You may be social media savvy, but you don’t have time for it and you certainly don’t want to spend your limited time on: brainstorming content ideas, researching trends, panicking about making a reel with your face in it, creating and scheduling a consistent flow of social content, and spiraling into a state of overwhelm because the choice paralysis of what to say on social is real. 

When you hire a Social Media Manager, that person is there to give you back time you would have spent managing your social. Give yourself permission to set boundaries with your social media time and only spend what you genuinely want to dedicate to it. Being freed from that responsibility is a huge gift and will give you time to do what you truly love in your business. 

Look for social media skills that get you noticed fast – but not too fast. 

A Social Media Manager has tools and strategies to create content that resonates with your audience and build you a loyal following. That being said, if your business is brand new to social media, you should be wary of someone who promises to provide you with a large amount of followers in a short period of time. You could be signing on for shady tactics like using bots, or even buying followers!

Unpaid, organic growth on social takes time and a lot of careful planning. With the right Social Media Manager, they’ll definitely get you followers–it probably won’t happen overnight, but those followers are real people who will stick around because they love what you have to offer.

Two is better than one – in fact, three is even better!  

It goes without saying that a Social Media Manager who is part of a marketing team, will give you more bang for your buck than a solo Social Media Manager. When you work with a team, you get multiple eyes and creative minds collaborating to make awesome social content for your business. 

A team also has a process set in place in which each team member plays a key role. In this way, a team has the ability to manage multiple responsibilities that would be too overwhelming for a solo Social Media Manager. 

A project manager (like Anna) gets to know your business and what you’re specifically looking for in terms of social media management. Then the Social Media Manager (like Kaïa) collaborates with you to create and schedule tailored social content. Meanwhile, a Creative Director (like Sarah) jumps in at multiple points during the process to brainstorm, provide creative guidance, edit designs and copy, and otherwise ensure everything is meeting your expectations. A team gives you a seamless social media management experience. 

Go beyond overrated trends and traditional marketing strategies. 

Find someone who isn’t just following the crowd. When you rely too heavily on trends and traditional marketing strategies, you fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is also doing to get noticed on social media. The latest TikTok trend may seem like it’s everywhere, but does it even fit your brand? 

When you go against the tide of trends and traditional marketing, you can discover your own innovative ways to market your business. Not only will you challenge the norm, your content will also better align with your brand, and thereby make you stand out. 

Find someone whose values align with your own. 

Do you care about building an ethical small business? You’ll have a far easier time working with a social media team who shares your values! 

People who share your values will more automatically “get” your perspective and your voice. You also won’t have to waste your precious time explaining things like social justice, business ethics, or other issues you care about. 

We believe in community over competition. We know we’re stronger when we work together. We see that Portland needs your expertise, unique outlook, diversity, and yes… weird quirks too! Your business helps make Portland a place worth calling home and we want to help you spread the word.