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Tag: email marketing

A crowd of people signing up for an email list
Jun 06 2023

5 Irresistible Lead Magnets That Will ACTUALLY Power-up Your Email List in 2023

Ready to transform your email list? Let’s explore 5 irresistible lead magnets proven to work wonders. As a leading digital marketing agency in Portland, we share strategies that blend warmth with professionalism, turning potential leads into loyal subscribers. Let’s grow your business together! […]

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Several different mail boxes lined up next to each other.
Dec 06 2022

Does Email Marketing Work?

Social media has taken over our marketing strategies.  Every new platform promises that this is the only way you’ll connect with potential customers. This is the only way you’ll build an audience. This is the only way you’ll grow your business. But is it really?  Short answer—absolutely not. While social media is a great way […]

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