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Oct 30 2012

Portland Web Design | Small Business Is About Embracing Change

As a Portland web designer and photographer for small business, and a small business owner myself, I’ve learned that change is something you have to be ready for. It’s not something I’ve always felt comfortable with, but part of the challenge of running your own business is accepting that it’s a journey, and that it’s […]

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Sep 12 2012

Portland graphic designer | I’m Speaking at Ignite Portland 11!

Thanks to an unexpected combination of hubris and overabundant enthusiasm about roller skating, I’ve been selected as a speaker for Ignite Portland 11! Yes, you read that right, folks–if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to see me attempt public speaking in all my introverted glory, here it is. I’ll be delivering 20 slides’ and […]

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Sep 05 2012

Portland graphic design | Pixel art for Portland Retro Gaming Expo

If you live in Portland long enough, you learn that geekery is mighty and on-the-grow here in PDX. This year, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo is continuing that trend, by expanding the event into the Oregon Convention Center. And, with the help of everyone’s favorite barcade, Ground Kontrol, they’re also debuting their new “Mega-Cade”: 20,000 […]

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Aug 21 2012

Portland Fashion Photography | Recognizing Your Value

I appreciate cool creative works, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen a unique, handmade creation, and then cringed at the price tag. It’s not because it’s too expensive, though–it’s because it’s not expensive enough. Pricing can be a pretty intimidating topic–it’s hard to know what to charge, and you may even feel […]

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Jul 12 2012

Portland Flyer Design | Clair 5-Year Birthday and Pretty Dress Party!

If you like glitter, dancing, and pretty dresses, Clair Vintage Inspired has you covered: This Friday, Clair is celebrating FIVE YEARS of independent, Portland-made fashion! Clair has been designing modern and wearable clothes with a vintage twist since 2007, and I’m proud to have been there as her photographer for three of those five years. […]

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Jun 06 2012

Portland Web Design | Portland Business Card Design | Sprout Lifestyle

After getting to know Sprout, a Portland-based health coaching business, for more than a year, I was excited to hear from Skylor–Sprout’s owner, and one of my favorite yogis on the planet!–about re-designing her web site! Skylor already had a basic WordPress site for her coaching business, and a separate blog of recipes and lifestyle […]

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