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Apr 11 2012

Portland Event Photography | Emerald City Comicon

It’s especially awesome when your work allows you to travel, and I recently got to do just that–I went to Seattle to capture a taste of the Portland-related happenings at Emerald City Comicon, for the Portland Mercury. Intrepid writer Joe Streckert and I made the rounds for all three days of the convention, chatting up […]

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Mar 20 2012

Portland Fashion Photography | Clair Spring Summer 2012

This Portland fashion photoshoot gave me another shiny opportunity to work with local designers and highlight a great cause! Portland fashion designer Clair Vintage Inspired teamed up with me again for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and this time, Community Warehouse was kind enough to open their doors to us for our professional fashion photography session. […]

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Mar 08 2012

Portland fashion photography | Fade To Light Runway at the Crystal Ballroom

I got to photograph a lively Portland fashion scene last week, when the Fade To Light runway show hit the Crystal Ballroom. They billed as “a multidimensional fashion event,” and it didn’t disappoint: the hair and makeup was bold and polished-looking, the designers showed creative video intros and were paired with effortless DJing by DJ […]

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Feb 23 2012

Portland photography for local shops | 4 Reasons Why Stock Photos Don’t Help Your Small Business

You might have a hard time justifying the cost of professional photos for your business, at first. It’s true that it is an investment, and you might also think, “why pay for a photoshoot, when I can just spend a few bucks on stock photography from one of those stock photo web sites?” Thing is, […]

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Feb 14 2012

Portland Food Photography | Love and Cake

It’s Valentine’s Day, and no matter what your Facebook says under “Relationship Status,” it’s a good excuse to spread some love around. My beloved Portland folks–clients, friends, and supporters–have been wonderful during my first few months as Upswept Creative, and I love you for it! THANK YOU for being awesome, and letting me help you […]

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Feb 08 2012

Portland Food Photography | Visiting Local Businesses for Perka!

I always welcome an excuse to check out Portland businesses that I haven’t tried, so this photoshoot was an especially cool one to book: Perka is a Portland-based company that’s designed a very cool smartphone app, so local businesses can toss out their old-school punch cards, and easily reward their regulars with perks! When Perka […]

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Feb 03 2012

Portland Web Design | Portland Geek Council of Commerce & Culture

I can safely say that my involvement with the PGC3 was sparked by my passion for web design and making things look awesome online: basically, while working with my noble compatriot Kenna of GeekPortland on fancying up her Portland geek events calendar, I took a peek at the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture’s […]

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Jan 26 2012

Portland Event Photographer | 2012 West Coast Beard and Mustache Championships

Sometimes, I photograph an event that’s so very unusual and distinctive that I can’t imagine it not taking place in Portland. Last Saturday was one of those: I covered the 2012 West Coast Beard and Mustache Championships at the Crystal Ballroom, and the sheer magnitude of facial coifs was completely off the charts! There were […]

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