Aug 04 2017

Portland Business Spotlight: Janet Price, Makeup Artist

Janet Price is a Portland-based professional makeup artist with over 13 years experience in film and television, as well as print, stage, and theatre makeup design.

Janet Price grew up in Los Angeles during the reign of Mouseketeers and The Gong Show. As a kid, she felt surrounded by the entertainment industry — it was normal for people she knew to go in for auditions, and shows that she saw on TV were being produced right down the road. Her involvement in the industry felt natural. It wasn’t strange to think she’d  grow up to be a Mouseketeer, because that’s what LA kids did.

Artist applying makeup on a woman's face.
Janet Price at work. Photo credit: Gary Norman,

In 1984, Janet moved to Oregon with her family and got involved with high school drama productions. Fascinated by the parentally-forbidden art of makeup, she studied library books to teach herself how to work with theatrical makeup while secretly painting her face at school and making sure to arrive home before her dad did to wash off the evidence of her artistic rule-breaking.

While Janet chose not to pursue makeup artistry as a career, she continued to expand her knowledge about new products and techniques as a hobby she couldn’t shake off.

Some years later, Janet was flipping through a Northwest School of Film class catalog and found a 3-month intensive Makeup for Film + TV class and was excited to get formal education. The class instructor, Christina, began to casually mentor Janet after the class ended, no doubt seeing Janet’s talent for the work and her affinity for the industry. Christina was preparing to retire, so she gifted Janet makeup and tools that she wouldn’t need once she retired. Christina recommended Janet for her first job as an assistant makeup artist, on a Paramount Universal film that was shooting in Portland. It took just the one recommendation from a veteran artist, and Janet’s work as a makeup artist  took off from there, booking jobs of all sizes in film, TV, theater, and studio settings.

Janet Price Logotype by Upswept Creative, 2016.
Janet Price Logotype by Upswept Creative, 2016.

We worked with Janet in 2016 to create a new logotype, business card, and brochure website, which resides at She hoped to modernize her brand, and make her work easier to find. Now, when professionals in the film industry are planning Portland-based productions, they can easily find Janet’s work and contact her through her new website. That means less of her time spent looking for work, and more of her time spent doing the work.

What is your passion? Whether it’s a side-hustle or your main gig, we’d love to help make your brand shine and spread the word about how awesome you are. Whether you want to revise your website, change your branding, build a strategy for marketing more effectively, or you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with us to schedule your FREE consultation, and we’ll use our extensive online experience to help you get clear on your next steps.

Mar 30 2017

Social Media Management 101

Online marketing is so widespread, it’s hard to imagine a business today without some kind of presence on social media. But how do you even get started? It can be a lot to tackle. What is a good social media strategy? How do you manage posts across platforms? What does success even look like? This post will bring you through these basics of social media marketing.


The first step in any cohesive social media strategy is to formulate a plan. Start by asking yourself, “what do I want my online presence to accomplish?” At first, you might simply want  to increase followership across platforms, getting your other brand assets in front of as many eyes as possible. Another goal could be to increasing website traffic, which is a good goal for online retailers. These goals will form the basis for the rest of your social media strategy, so feel free to take some time, do some research, and really think about what you want out of a social media presence.


There are so many social media platforms to choose from!

Once you’ve set your goals, you can identify the platforms your company should be active on. Facebook is a pretty universal option, but it doesn’t always need to be your main focus. I Growing a presence on LinkedIn could be valuable, if you run a business-to-business operation. Instagram is ideal for visual-heavy businesses, like fashion designers or photographers. Twitter allows you to quickly reach an audience and link to out-of-platform content like a blog, or ticket sales site. Crossover content between platforms is ok, but it’s important to take into consideration these strengths and weaknesses when creating content.


Now that you know your active platforms, you can start drafting content. Posting regularly is the most important thing, so be sure to come up with a posting schedule you can actually stick to. A consistent stream of content, even if it’s just three posts a week, shows people that your business is active. You can also use social media tools like Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule multiple posts at once, to help you manage multiple platforms.


One of the most difficult aspects of social media marketing is determining success, but you’ll never be sure if you’re succeeding if you change tactics too often. It takes time to grow a strong social media presence, so practice patience. Use the built-in analytics tools most social media platforms provide, and keep track of your goals as the weeks go on. Experimenting with different types of content, posting schedules, and platforms is all great, but make sure to give each plan enough time to see if it’ll catch.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, you’re right! Many small-business owners get overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty details of ongoing social-media management. It’s ok if you’d rather spend your time on other aspects of your business! Upswept Creative has our very own Online Marketing Maven in Josselyn Haldeman, who will allow you to do just that. If you’re interested in her services, be sure to say so when you reach out.

Mar 14 2014

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to branding your business, you may have to consider some crazy ideas. When you’re looking to make yourself stand out among other businesses, you probably won’t get very far doing exactly what “the other guys” did. You’re different from them, and you’ll need to find your own path. And sometimes, that means pursuing ideas that take you out of your comfort zone.

I can tell you that, when I first started Upswept Creative, it was just me doing the work, and I never thought in a million years that I’d ever do a workshop. The idea of speaking in front of people made my stomach knot up–and still does, a little!–and although I had people suggest that I teach a class about some of the things I do, I shied away from it for a long time. I’d tell myself, “who am I to be teaching people, anyway? I mean, I’m good, but I still have so much to learn!”

Thing is, I kept thinking of ideas for workshops, ideas that I was passionate about, and I eventually realized that I wasn’t going to stop thinking about them until I did something about it. I had a wonderful partner in Shelby Rice for our first online class, Branding Your Style, and after that, I finally stared my fear of public speaking in the face, and scheduled my first solo workshop. Since then, I’ve done several rounds of workshops, had a surprisingly great time doing it, and now Upswept has another source of revenue.

Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone in your own life can bring change to your business, too. Doing something different in your own life can change your perspective and your mindset, and help you approach your life and your business differently.

Katie of Katie Kelley Networks
Katie of Katie Kelley Networks

We recently had the pleasure of shooting with Katie Kelley of Katie Kelley Networks, and the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone ended up being a theme for our session. All of her promotional images show her (admittedly, totally brilliant!) big, bright smile and all-American look, so makeup artist Erin Moore and I challenged her to dial back the million-dollar grin and try something more subdued. It felt a little strange, at first, but she handled it gracefully and looked gorgeous.

Katie clearly understands the importance of stepping out of her comfort zone, too–she shared with us that she would be presenting at the Portland Urban Campfire event, and in a way she never had before. The Urban Campfire presenters would be taking about challenges and struggle–topics that can easily get very personal–in front of a sizable audience. Katie knew this would be unlike any of the other talks she’s given before, but she was ready to take that step out of her comfort zone, and create that opportunity to connect with other female business owners on a new and different level.

A lot of the things we do might feel risky. They might make our hearts race a bit faster. The thing is, if you’re a business owner, you already have stepped out of your comfort zone!  You might have left the security of a steady paycheck, or put your work out there (for money!) for the first time, or added the time commitment of your dream business to an already-packed calendar. Would any of you describe starting your own business as “relaxing” and “comfortable?” Those probably aren’t the first words to come to your mind, right?

So, when those slightly-scary-sounding ideas pop into your head, stop for a second, before you dismiss them. Maybe even embrace them! If you give them a try, you might discover you’re better at something than you think, or stronger than you expected, or smarter than you know, and that can be the tipping point between you having something Good and something Great. Just put that foot outside of your comfort bubble, and see what happens.

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