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Portland Professional Photographer | Heading to LA and San Francisco!

Jun 06 2012

Portland Web Design | Portland Business Card Design | Sprout Lifestyle

After getting to know Sprout, a Portland-based health coaching business, for more than a year, I was excited to hear from Skylor–Sprout’s owner, and one of my favorite yogis on the planet!–about re-designing her web site! Skylor already had a basic WordPress site for her coaching business, and a separate blog of recipes and lifestyle […]

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May 18 2012

Portland Professional Photography | First Friday is Back in June!

It’s been a busy few months, but First Friday is returning to Sarah G Creative, just in time for summer and with a fresh new lineup! I’ll be opening my studio doors once again, along with many of my neighbors at the Ford Building, who’ll also be exhibiting their loveliness. It’s going to be a […]

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Feb 23 2012

Portland photography for local shops | 4 Reasons Why Stock Photos Don’t Help Your Small Business

You might have a hard time justifying the cost of professional photos for your business, at first. It’s true that it is an investment, and you might also think, “why pay for a photoshoot, when I can just spend a few bucks on stock photography from one of those stock photo web sites?” Thing is, […]

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Feb 14 2012

Portland Food Photography | Love and Cake

It’s Valentine’s Day, and no matter what your Facebook says under “Relationship Status,” it’s a good excuse to spread some love around. My beloved Portland folks–clients, friends, and supporters–have been wonderful during my first few months as Upswept Creative, and I love you for it! THANK YOU for being awesome, and letting me help you […]

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Feb 08 2012

Portland Food Photography | Visiting Local Businesses for Perka!

I always welcome an excuse to check out Portland businesses that I haven’t tried, so this photoshoot was an especially cool one to book: Perka is a Portland-based company that’s designed a very cool smartphone app, so local businesses can toss out their old-school punch cards, and easily reward their regulars with perks! When Perka […]

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