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Just one of the five “Bachelors” auctioned off at the fundraiser!
Jan 28 2015

Saddling Up for a Fun Social Media Campaign

We launched a five-day social media campaign last week, and we had some, ahem, unique personalities stopping by the studio to be a part of it, earlier in the month.

professional photography - Venus de Mileage, a.k.a. "Frank from Jersey," helps a fellow bachelor complete the look.
Venus de Mileage, a.k.a. “Frank from Jersey,” helps a fellow bachelor complete the look.

We’re sponsoring the High Rollers in their 2015 roller derby season, and this past weekend, they threw The High Rollers Showdown Throwdown, a fundraiser party to support the team, and keep them outfitted with the gear, uniforms, and training opportunities they need for a winning season. One of the planned events of the evening was a Bachelor Auction with a twist: the “Bachelors” were female skaters, taking on male drag personas, complete with western outfits to match the old-timey saloon theme of the party.

We were able to coax these five skaters down to Upswept HQ, to be transformed into their Bachelor personas in front of our camera. For some of our Bachelors, this wasn’t their first trip to the rodeo–they came prepared with authentic-looking mustaches and swagger to spare!–but some of these skaters weren’t fully prepared to see themselves as their Bachelor personas.

“Oh my god, it looks REAL! Like a real beard! How does it look so real?”

Social media campaign graphics - Just one of the five "Bachelors" auctioned off at the fundraiser!
Just one of the five “Bachelors” auctioned off at the fundraiser!

Fortunately, the supporting each other is one of the core values of the roller derby community, so the skaters pitched in with their makeup skills and drag king secrets, to help each other look their dude-liest for the auction.

Once they were dressed and ready, we did a quick photoshoot with each Bachelor, and then worked up the photos into five different poster-style graphics, which we blasted out via the High Rollers’ social media channels. We used a heavier hand with the styling, and took inspiration from the saloon theme of the party, resulting in posters that were two parts Old West “Wanted” Poster, and one part Magazine Cover.

The results? The Bachelor Auction was a hotly anticipated highlight of the fundraiser, and we even turned the graphics into framed and autographed posters, that turned out to be popular raffle prizes! The party was even hailed by some alumni skaters as the best in High Rollers history, and the team is kicking off the early season with full pockets and even fuller hearts.

We had way too much fun putting this project together, and re excited to have played even a small role in making their fundraiser more successful.

Interested in a poster of your own?

Only a few lucky people could win the one-of-a-kind framed and autographed prints of the Showdown Throwdown Bachelors, but after all the wonderful feedback we got from this campaign, we’re offering a limited run of Bachelor Auction prints! You can now order a print of your favorite bachelor online, or even a set of ALL FIVE, with every order benefitting the High Rollers.

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