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Multiracial group of protesters walks over a bridge. In image center, one protester holds up a white sign with SILENCE IS VIOLENCE in black letters.
Mar 23 2022

No Business As Usual: Work in an Unsettled World

To say we’re living in interesting times is quite the understatement. It seems each day brings news of a new injustice, signs of economic instability, and public health challenges. If you run your own business, you may find yourself questioning much of what you’re doing these days. Should you be more vocal about current events? Is it even appropriate to promote yourself?

While you can’t necessarily stop what you’re doing, you can be more mindful and skillful about how you handle your day-to-day work in an unsettled world. 

Stay Committed to Your Values

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know that we’re unafraid of sharing our values. Having clarity about the kind of world we want to live in helps inform not only the work we do, but the causes and organizations we choose to support.

Before you wade into the deep end of current events, take a moment to consider what you hold dear. Let those values inspire the actions you choose to take, and the public statements you may choose to make. If nothing else, this acts as a beacon to attract like-minded clients. 

You Aren’t Responsible for Saving the World

Let me repeat: you are not solely responsible for saving the world. I do not say this to absolve anyone of their civic responsibility. We live in community; our actions do affect our neighbors, near and far.

That said: we each have our own “zone of genius.” We’ve all heard the adage, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” We can’t all be generals in an army of change. What can you contribute? Better yet: what do you realistically have energy to contribute? It will take all of us and all of our unique gifts to craft a better world. Do what you do, and do it well.

You Deserve a Break Today

The best way to do things well? Make sure you are properly rested!

We know the world of business runs 24/7, these days especially. That does not mean you have to be available all the time. You won’t be effective, in your business or your community, if you’re overworked and burned out.

Do what you need to do to keep your workday manageable. If you’re working solo, make sure to carve out time in your day for rest. If you’re fortunate enough to have a team, keep lines of communication open and assign tasks appropriately. Make sure everyone feels supported.

When I say “rest” here, I really do mean it! Doomscrolling social media doesn’t count, and certainly won’t help ease any anxiety. Take breaks from your devices to decompress. If you’re concerned about staying connected with your clients, schedule specific times to answer emails and engage on social media.

It’s Okay to Be Antisocial

We’re well aware of the importance of a social media presence. We love to champion the ease with which various apps and platforms allow us to stay connected with friends and fans alike. It’s equally important to focus the time you spend on social media on what matters most to you and your business.

As I mentioned earlier, scheduling time to connect with your folks online not only helps your engagement, it helps your mental and emotional health. Keep your online visits oriented towards your business.

If you do elect to follow news accounts and social justice-oriented content creators, be mindful of how you spend your time online, and be aware of how much it may be spilling over into your non-work time. It’s 100% okay to unfollow malicious accounts or those who peddle misinformation. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, online or off.

Truth is, we will always find ourselves living and working in an unsettled world. Take a breath (or three) and get yourself grounded. Remember why you do what you do and who you choose to serve. Let this be what guides you.

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