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Upswept Creative is a small-but-fierce branding and website design agency born in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Our chief weapons are brand and web design, backed up by wicked smart social media management—and we use these tools to help you discover the brand confidence you’ve been missing.

Our passion? Creating honest, authentic, and awesome design that fits you like a glove.

Team Upswept is based in Portland, and we strongly believe in working with and nurturing local talent. We’re ready to make our special kind of Portland brand design magic happen for you.


Sarah Giffrow

Creative Director and Benevolent Overlord

Sarah is the founder, creative director, and driving force behind Upswept Creative. If you’re working with us for any part of your brand or small business website design, her expertise will steer the process.

Favorite Sandwich: the one I’m eating RIGHT NOW. (or: grilled cheese and tomato with pesto.)
Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: Space ballerina scientist–it changed on a near-daily basis, so why not smash a bunch of jobs together?
Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: The “Black Women to Listen To Instead of Kanye” playlist, OR the ultimate in cheesy 80’s tunes: Danger Zone radio.
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: Roller derby, baking recipe hacks, why Michelle Yeoh is the queen of the universe, and just about anything Star Trek.
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: Mac ‘n’ cheese. And not even the good kind–we’re talking the powdered-cheese, blue-box variety with cartoon pasta shapes.
Arch-Nemesis: Comic Papyrus.

Zoe Kravitz

Project Manager

Zoe has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening with our projects. She’ll be there to help you get on board with Upswept, make sure your questions go to the right people, and keep you up-to-date on whats happening with your project from start to finish.

Favorite Sandwich: A French baguette with a generous helping of creamy brie cheese, a few sliced tomatoes, a dash of basil, and a pinch of leafy greens (to pretend its healthy).
Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: I wanted to be a horse whisperer, a Pokemon trainer, the newest member of the Spice Girls, and also maybe an artist like my mom.
Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: I tend to listen to music that matches the weather. Since moving to the PNW, it’s been a lot of Cat Power, Angel Olsen, Bille Holiday, and Broken Social Scene.
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: Movie trivia, Jane Austen, a hypochondriac’s encyclopedia of diseases, and whatever thing one of my dogs did the other day.
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: Really hot tea, mac n cheese or waffles, and a book an intellectual would never read.
(Not-so-)Secret Shame: Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Arch-Nemesis:Naps. Definitely, naps. Always seems like a good idea at the time, but I never seem to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Anna Antic

Online Marketing Maven

Anna’s here to make sense of your social media marketing. She’ll form a whip-smart plan, keep your newsletters fresh and your website humming, so you don’t have to waste your work day poking at Facebook. (… Unless you want to, that is.)

Favorite Sandwich: falafel for the open-minded; tempeh/lettuce/avocado/tomato on sourdough for the traditionalists
Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: a punk rock Dazzler moonlighting as a roller derby star
Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: a tie between my Get Stoked workout playlist (featuring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, RuPaul, Andrew WK, and Dame D.O.L.L.A.) and the hopefully self-explanatory “No Van Hagar” playlist
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: arcane basketball trivia and statistics (including my case for Damian Lillard for mayor of Portland), the neuroscience of yoga and meditation, my dogs
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: uninterrupted reading time with my dogs napping on my lap
(Not-so-)Secret Shame: ’70s TV crime dramas
Arch-Nemesis: Reggie Miller

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