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Online Learning With Upswept

Give Thanks by Giving Someone Else a Hand.

Online learning donations through May 2021 will be donated to Equitable Giving Circle.

Helping you build understanding to grow your business is so important to us, so we hope you came away from our class feeling more empowered than when you came in.

If you appreciated something you heard or saw during our online class, we'd love for you to thank us by empowering someone else.

Your donations will go directly to help BIPOC people in our community, and Upswept Creative will match each donation we receive. Whether it's $1 or $100, every bit you give counts. Use the form below to contribute.

Photo by Glodi Miessi via Unsplash

Past Organizations We’ve Supported:

Do you know of an organization that shares our values? Let us know about it, so we can support them in the future.