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VIP Website Intensive

What if your website was custom-tailored to help get paid more, and do more in less time?

What if it could happen in just two short weeks?

The VIP Website Intensive is perfect for you if:

  • you aren't getting the right leads from your website
  • you aren't making enough sales online
  • your inbox is a mess of questions and requests that you can't escape from
  • you don't really "get" how your website works or what to put on it
  • you just don't quite like how your website looks!

The VIP Website Intensive is more than just a pretty template. We dig in with you to clarify your audience, get curious about your processes, and to craft a plan to rework your website in the way that serves you. The best part? Your Intensive culminates in a dedicated VIP day, where we give your website our undivided, expert attention for an entire day, and implement all the tech and design for you.

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Here's what you get:

  • Your own client portal, filled with step-by-step modules to get you started
  • Guided content to clarify your vision and your audience, and find opportunities to automate and save precious energy
  • How-to workbooks to structure and refine your website content
  • Tailored-to-you SEO keyword research, to help you get found online by the right people
  • A full VIP Day of our undivided attention, where we implement all the tech, design, and strategy for you.

With 15+ years of website expertise, we can do a lot in a day. This dose of our strategic wizardry could get you:

  • 20% more sales through your website
  • 20% fewer inquiries from clients who aren't ready to sign on
  • 5 extra hours a week that you're not spending on emails
  • countless hours of time saved from trying to DIY
  • a web presence that makes you look like the badass CEO you know you are!

How it works:

When you book your Intensive:

  1. You'll receive your own client portal with pre-work for you to complete before your VIP Day.
  2. You'll begin with Exploring Your Why, so your business tells a story that connects.
  3. Next, we'll clarify your ideal audience, for on-target messaging that sells.
  4. We'll also explore your processes, to see where we can take the boring stuff off your plate!
  5. After the first week, we'll have a One-Hour Strategy Call to review your pre-work, answer questions, and build your strategy.
  6. In Week 2, it's all about content! You'll use our guided content workbooks to craft website content that speaks your message with passion and integrity.

As you complete the Pre-Work, we'll be building our action plan to make your website into a resource that solves problems and truly supports your business.

Your VIP Day:

  1. We start your day with a Kick-Off call, where we lay out our action plan and nail down any final details.
  2. We'll deliver your customized SEO keyword research, based on what you do and who's looking for you.
  3. Then, we spend our day using our website, design, and strategic savvy to bring the plan to life on your website. All you have to do is sit back and let the magic happen.
  4. We'll end our day with a 30-minute wrap-up call to go over your refreshed website, and guide you through any new features and tools we've added.

You'll get powerful results without waiting for a months-long redesign, all for $2497.

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Or, five (5) installments of $499.

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I have never had custom website work done... but once I did Upswept's Website Intensive, I am a CONVERT to custom web development. Finally, my website doesn't look like so many other websites in my industry. On top of the beautiful new layouts, I now have custom brand guidance, detailed SEO data, and my site is optimized for getting and keeping my ideal clients. This is an invaluable service!

--Caitlin Hudson, Owner of Tend Athletics

When you sign on, you'll help us give back.

In our continuing commitment to becoming a better anti-racist small business, we plan to give back to the Black community.

For every four sessions we book, you'll enable us to make a VIP Website Intensive available to a Black business owner at no cost.

Let's do some meaningful work together: for your life, your business, and our community.