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Portland photography for local shops | 4 Reasons Why Stock Photos Don’t Help Your Small Business

Feb 23 2012

Portland photography for local shops | 4 Reasons Why Stock Photos Don’t Help Your Small Business

You might have a hard time justifying the cost of professional photos for your business, at first. It’s true that it is an investment, and you might also think, “why pay for a photoshoot, when I can just spend a few bucks on stock photography from one of those stock photo web sites?” Thing is, […]

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Feb 08 2012

Portland Food Photography | Visiting Local Businesses for Perka!

I always welcome an excuse to check out Portland businesses that I haven’t tried, so this photoshoot was an especially cool one to book: Perka is a Portland-based company that’s designed a very cool smartphone app, so local businesses can toss out their old-school punch cards, and easily reward their regulars with perks! When Perka […]

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Jan 26 2012

Portland Event Photographer | 2012 West Coast Beard and Mustache Championships

Sometimes, I photograph an event that’s so very unusual and distinctive that I can’t imagine it not taking place in Portland. Last Saturday was one of those: I covered the 2012 West Coast Beard and Mustache Championships at the Crystal Ballroom, and the sheer magnitude of facial coifs was completely off the charts! There were […]

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Dec 14 2011

Portland fashion photographer – Fresh Tangerine Holiday Collection

Working with a fantastic team is critical to awesome fashion photography, and having gorgeous jewelry to highlight certainly helps! I had the pleasure of reuniting with Kimberlee of Fresh Tangerine, to shoot and also design a lookbook for her Holiday 2011 collection, with some super-talented ladies lending their style expertise! She’s been inspired to create […]

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Dec 07 2011

Portland Food Photographer | Shoot First, Eat Later: Kure Juice Bar

As a Portland food enthusiast and photographer, I’m always looking for good, local eats, and as an athletically-inclined lady, it’s a huge bonus if those eats are also healthy. When I heard about Kure Juice Bar from my friends over at Sprout, I was definitely into their mission of slinging healthy and tasty smoothies and […]

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Nov 28 2011

Portland fashion photography | First Friday returns for the holidays!

First Friday is back at Upswept Creative, with a special holiday edition! We had a fun evening at my October First Friday open studio event, so we’re doing it again! This time, we’re kicking off the holidays featuring several fantastic Portland creatives: new jewelry from the Fresh Tangerine Holiday 2011 collection collaborative holiday arrangements by […]

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Nov 14 2011

Portland professional photography | Portland fashion photography | Introducing: Photoshoot Flex Time!

Sometimes it’s hard to plan ahead when you’re running your own business, and doing a photoshoot can take a lot of advance planning. You have to gather all of your garments, products, and people, coordinate hair and makeup or photoshoot stylists, estimate how much time you’ll need, and most importantly, pull together the budget to […]

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