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Category: Derby

Apr 27 2017

Cherry City: A Case Study in Design Work

Working in web design can be a complicated process. A lot of creative decisions need to be made while working under a deadline, and within a budget.  Both functionality and the client’s needs have to take  priority, all while looking prettier than the previous iteration. So how do the pros do it? We’d like to […]

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Jan 19 2016

On Keeping Projects Moving and Shifting Gears: an interview with Kelley “Frisky Sour” Gardiner

Writing a book is no small undertaking, and neither is being a parent. Kelley “Frisky Sour” Gardiner didn’t shy away from either of those things, though–she resolved to write and edit her first book throughout her pregnancy, and publish it before her little one’s due date! Now, she’s created Roller Derby for Beginners, a definitive roller derby resource book […]

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Jan 25 2013

Portland Web Design | On the Rose City Rollers redesign and Finding creative release

It’s been a big-deal month for me, both in Portland web design and Portland roller derby! A week-or-so ago, I played in my first derby bout as a High Roller, at Rose City Rollers’ Season 8 Opener, and I had a fantastic time doing it. And, a mere week before that, I unleashed a brand […]

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Sep 12 2012

Portland graphic designer | I’m Speaking at Ignite Portland 11!

Thanks to an unexpected combination of hubris and overabundant enthusiasm about roller skating, I’ve been selected as a speaker for Ignite Portland 11! Yes, you read that right, folks–if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to see me attempt public speaking in all my introverted glory, here it is. I’ll be delivering 20 slides’ and […]

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Nov 10 2011

Portland graphic design | Rose City Rollers go to WFTDA Championships!

What do we want? JUSTICE! That’s especially true this weekend, because omjesus, it’s WFTDA Championships in Denver. I’m one of the sad, sad people who doesn’t get to see it in person, but I’ll be transforming into a rabid fangirl, “checking my scores” at the brunch table, and (gasp!) WATCHING SPORTS IN A BAR. I […]

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Sep 23 2011

Portland Web Design | Custom Web Site Design | Bridgetown Brawl

I love getting inspired by custom web site design, and when the inspiration is one of my favorite things ever–namely, roller derby–I’m basically dancing a jig. If you’ve been watching my Twitter feed over the past few weeks, then you know that Portland’s Rose City Rollers are hosting this year’s WFTDA West Region Playoffs, otherwise […]

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