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Category: Branding

Portland logo design for branding
Nov 18 2013

Does Your Brand Design Make You Feel Something?

More than anything, your brand should create a feeling. Whether it’s a sense of whimsy or lightness, bold confidence, trust and wisdom, your brand should make you, and your audience, feel something. That feeling is what makes your audience want what you have to offer. When you’re rebranding or building a new brand, make sure […]

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Nov 11 2013

Brand development: Are you a Maker, a Giver, or a Guide?

When you dig into brand development, you need to know as much about yourself as you do about your audience!¬†Getting in touch with who you are as a business can give you some important clues about what matters most in your branding. I know that every one of you has a unique story–it’s my job […]

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Aug 15 2013

Awesome Client DO: Three Ways to Communicate With Your Web Designer When Things Go Wrong

You have an awesome business, and you’ve found an awesome designer to help bring your web site vision to life. That’s not the end of the process, though–building a web site takes more than just waving a magic wand, and you might see the occasional strange quirk along the way. A good client knows to […]

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May 23 2013

3 Reasons to Let Your Personal Self Shine in Your Business Brand | Portland branding design

A huge piece of branding design, for me, is getting to know the client I’m working with. I don’t just mean getting to know their business, either–I mean getting to know them personally. Small businesses and solopreneurs are becoming more and more prominent, and those extra personal touches can be a huge advantage for smaller […]

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