Your creative agency team loves you.

Upswept Creative is a small-but-fierce branding design and photography agency born in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Our chief weapons are brand design, web design, photography, and we use them to help you discover the brand confidence you’ve been missing in your business.

We’re ready to support and collaborate with you at each step of the process, and working together with you is important to us. Our passion is creating honest, authentic, and awesome branding design that fits you like a glove.

Team Upswept is based in Portland, and we strongly believe in working with and nurturing local talent. We’re ready to make our special kind of brand design magic happen for you.


Sarah Giffrow

Creative Director and Benevolent Overlord

Sarah is the founder, creative director, and driving force behind Upswept Creative. If you’re working with us for any part of your brand or web site design, you’ll have her expertise steering the entire process.

Favorite Sandwich: the one I’m eating RIGHT NOW. (or: grilled cheese and tomato with pesto.)
Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: Space ballerina scientist–it changed on a near-daily basis, so why not smash a bunch of jobs together?
Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: I could be tuned into stations ranging from Hieroglyphics, Talking Heads, Chromeo, the Mynabirds, OR the ultimate in cheesy 80’s tunes: Danger Zone radio.
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: Roller derby, baking recipe hacks, and Star Trek.
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: Mac ‘n’ cheese. And not even the good kind–we’re talking the powdered-cheese, blue-box variety with cartoon pasta shapes.
Arch-Nemesis: Comic Papyrus.

slg_7219-edit_squareJanine Winters

Chief Customer Contentment Officer

Janine has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening with our projects. She’ll be there to help you get on board with Upswept, make sure your questions go to the right people, and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with your branding throughout the process.

Favorite Sandwich: Peanut Butter + Banana on Sour Wheat Toast. Close second: Fig Jam + Toasted Walnut Butter
Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: Chief-Button-Pusher at NASA Mission Control in Florida
Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: Bob Dylan: Oh Mercy, Mason Jennings: Use Your Voice, and early-2000s Chillout Sessions albums. But I must confess, at work Apple Music Pop stations keep me upbeat and moving deftly.
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: The pleasures and utility of urban cargo-cycling and Why Print Media is Alive and Well
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: Baking something to share and reading with my kids
(Not-so-)Secret Shame: Sometimes I drive all the way out to IKEA just for their chocolate-heart sandwich cookies.
Arch-Nemesis: That pouf of cotton that they stick inside of vitamin bottles to keep the Flintstones’ heads from breaking off. I cannot touch that stuff without getting major heebie-jeebies.

slg_7224-edit_squareJosselyn Haldeman

Online Marketing Maven

Josselyn is the whiz who’s here to make sense of your online marketing. She’ll make a whip-smart plan for your social media, keep your e-newsletters fresh and your web site humming, so you don’t have to waste your work day poking at Facebook. (…unless you want to, that is.)

Dream Job When You Were 8 Years Old: Space princess.
Your Go-To Album/Playlist/Pandora Station: Castaways and Cutouts – The Decemberists
Thing(s) You’ll Talk About Forever Even When Nobody Else Gets It: The life and times of 13th century Sufi poet/mystic Rumi.
Thing(s) You Crave When You’re Feeling Blah: Warm blankets, wood stoves and home made bread.
(Not-so-)Secret Shame: That live-action Speed Racer (2008) movie is actually really good.
Arch-Nemesis: The construct of time.