Website design with your goals in mind

Build a strong foundation for your business with a website that’s designed to not only look professional but help you achieve your goals. Frustrated because your website isn’t doing enough to sell your products and services? Time to get smart!

Online Smarts is about guiding you through identifying your goals, and helping you understand how your online brand presence works to achieve them. We’ll be by your side all the way – unveiling a web presence that’s the perfect fit for your business and your dreams.

Here’s how we do it:

During your Brand Assessment, we identify the strongest and most authentic parts of your brand. Together we create a strong connection with your brand and help you make the best use of your brand assets to market your business.

Using a Social Media Review and Social Media Graphics, we bring strength to your online brand presence. Together we identify the social networks you should focus on to grow your following and find your ideal clients.

We create a Semi-Custom Website to give you a simple and elegant solution to the puzzle of selling online. Your new website will make you look awesome and appeal to your audience on both desktop and mobile.

We create List-Building Tools and build them right into your web site. You’ll start gathering people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer – building the online relationships that lead to more sales. You’ll start helping more people, in the unique way that only you can.

Online Smarts is the perfect way to take control of your online presence, without frustration or drowning in techie tasks you dread. Isn’t it time you stopped struggling?

Get Online Smarts and start swimming smoothly.

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suzanne-pratt“Sarah and her team did a fantastic job of creating a brand for me and developing a clean and easy to navigate website. Now that it is launched, I have the confidence to increase my networking and expand my business, knowing people can find what the need on the site. With so many moving parts involved in starting a business, it was great to hand this very important work off to capable hands.”

— Suzanne Pratt, owner of Suzanne Pratt Works